427 SOHC Parts


The supply of NOS items for these engines is quite limited. Although recently there has been a resurgence in interest and parts availability, there has only been sporadic cam availability. When we started building these engines in the 80s, it was quite difficult and expensive to locate good cams that had not been reground.

Over the years we managed to collect NOS cams for the grinds listed on this page. These were used for blueprinting and as comparators for a new production run. Because of the small quantities involved, a specialty manufacturer with extensive knowledge and prototyping experience was needed to ensure consistent high quality pieces. LSM System Engineering has graciously worked with us to bring the highest quality billet cams at reasonable prices to reality.

Extensive testing on the dyno and in the field has validated these products and as always, we stand behind them. If you have a problem with our products, it will get handled without excuses.

Cam Specs



Intake .433  Exhaust .430

Duration, seat to seat;

Intake258  Exhaust  258

Lobe Separation; 108



Intake .470  Exhaust .470

Duration, seat to seat;

Intake284   Exhaust  284

Lobe Separation; 113



Intake .500   Exhaust .500

Duration, seat to seat;

Intake280    Exhaust  280

Lobe Separation; 108



Intake .530   Exhaust .530

Duration, seat to seat;

Intake292    Exhaust  292

Lobe Separation; 112

Price: $1095.00/set

Crane Cams has re-issued many of the SOHC grinds. They are less expensive.

Cam Pictures

Left and Right

Lobe Radius

Degree Marks


Bearing grade steel

427 SOHC Degree Procedure.pdf


LSM: www.lsmeng.com



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