A New Detailed How to Book and Calculator Spreadsheet Tool


A comprehensive "how to" for the laymen and engineer alike. This book will guide the reader through component selection, engine assembly, fuel system design, tuning and race day tips.

In today’s world of Top Alcohol racing, proper adjustment of the fuel system and clutch will make or brake most teams. One of the biggest impediments to these tasks is the knowledge of how to do this and the amount of misinformation and "voodoo" that surrounds the fuel system.

Trying to find someone who will share accurate data and techniques is like trying to find a needle in a haystack and some of the top tuners may be out of reach for the average racer or for those who want to learn more about these engines and cars but not necessarily run one tomorrow.

This book will provide the reader with the basics of how these engines are designed and how to tune them. More importantly, it will discuss why changes are made in non engineering terms so that there will be no need to copy another setup and blindly make adjustments hoping it works.

Certainly, many of the topics discussed could be books themselves and the author presumes that the reader has some basic engines skills and is familiar with engine terminology. There are also many links provided in each section for more detailed information.

Available through Lulu at $19.95

Spelling and formatting updates with ePub to come. PDF available now. Covers Cammer, Hemi and BBC

Fuel Injection Calculator

Also available from Racedyne, The Fuel Injection Calculator. This XL spreadsheet will do all the race day and what if calculations by simply entering the Nozzle and Jet size. It can also help predict fuel usage in GPM , Break Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) and Air Fuel Ratio (AFR). Each Main Jet change is plotted and graphed by RPM for convenience

The Fuel Injection Calculator is $39.95  Be sure to include an email address so the files can be sent to you. Contact us or payment details.

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